Our Focus

Check out all of the great things that make Little Rock unique.


Check out each issue to learn about the awesome variety of stores, crafters and restaurants here in Central Arkansas so you can keep your money local.


Stay tuned for more information on local events, live music, fundraisers, & more. Take advantage of all the great things Central Arkansas has to offer!

be the change!

You’re part of the local community, so you understand how important it is to keep this city vibrant and moving forward. Stay informed on your local non profits and see how you can help make a difference!

Eat local

Learn where you can purchase locally grown produce and farm raised meats right here in Arkansas.

"Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can change the world."

What we do

Local. is a high quality, bimonthly magazine that seeks to put locals in touch with their community. We want to help connect our communities through highlighting local people / businesses, events, restaurants, and charities.
Our mission is simple.

Every city has an incredible community of creatives, hard workers and people with a dream. Whether they are businesses, designers, artisans, shops, or chefs, they all deserve to have their story heard. We want to encourage residents to connect with their locals, to shop local, to eat local, and to appreciate where they live.


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Rich Niemeyer

Co-Owner / Account Executive
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Co-Owner / Creative Director
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Account Executive
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"Devote yourself to your community around you & devote yourself to creating something that gives you purpose & meaning."


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